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Welcome to BCL X-RAY Canada Inc.

BCL X-Ray Canada pioneered the concept of Multi-Vendor Service for Diagnostic Imaging in 1976. Our knowledgeable, motivated and capable service force is pleased to service your equipment in a cost effective manner, regardless of modality, complexity or age. Please contact us for an inventory and service proposal, or for any service matters not resolved to your satisfaction by your current service provider.

BCL X-Ray Canada is a niche equipment expert. We have selected equipment produced by high quality modality specialists that offer an improved solution for the Canadian Diagnostic Imaging community. Our proven installations in Full Field Digital Mammography, Digital Radiography, Dynamic Digital R/F continue to become greater in number, and offer the highest customer satisfaction. Please explore our product line today.

In-house service provision
Digital imaging service specialists
Ultrasound service with loaner transducers
Mammography specialists
Hard to get components for older systems
System and DR upgrades for all manufacturers
Nuclear medicine Service and MRI Service
New equipment sales
Sales and repairs for most replacement x-ray tubes
Custom tailored service agreements and contracts to meet all levels of departmental requirements
CT Replacement Tubes
Pools of Detectors and X-Ray Tubes for Extended Area Customers

Company Profile – Over 48 Years of Service
We pride ourselves on our excellent service.

BCL X-Ray Canada Inc. began operations in August 1976 as Canada's First Independent Company dedicated to Diagnostic Imaging.

We pioneered and perfected the concept of Multi-Vendor Service in Diagnostic Imaging, and we are known as the OMV (the original Multi-Vendor)

BCL X-Ray services all current Diagnostic Imaging Modalities, in a cost effective method, that improves equipment uptime and enhances User Satisfaction.

We have provided service across the country over our 48 year history and are proudly 100% Canadian Owned and Operated.

We believe Hospitals and Health Care Centres are looking for a new customized solution for their Diagnostic Imaging service requirements. BCL X-Ray Canada is the proven leader, a flexible, professional company with a strong and well known commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are available at your convenience to outline how our approach may fit your Hospital or Health Center requirements.

Custom tailored service agreements and contacts to meet all levels of departmental requirements:

BCL X-Ray Canada pioneered the concept of multi-vendor service for Diagnostic Imaging in 1976. We are pleased to tailor our service offerings from Full Risk (all inclusive) contracts to block hours packages and cost effective hourly service rates.

Our service specialists are fully trained and equipped to service all modalities regardless of original manufacturer, age or complexity.

Digital Image Specialists:

BCL X-Ray Canada has been offering digital solutions for diagnostic imaging departments since the mid 1990's. Our service specialists are available to assist in maximizing image quality while reducing patient exposure to radiation.

We are here to assist your DI or IT department with any PACS (DICOM) incompatibilities you may be experiencing.

Niche Equipment Specialist:

BCL X-Ray Canada represents only equipment manufacturers who are proven modality specialists. Our sales team travels to each potential supplier to investigate and observe design and manufacturing processes, to ensure the equipment that we represent is suited to the unique challenges of Canadian Health Care providers.

Spare parts inventory is strategically stored in Canadian warehouse locations to ensure prompt delivery of any replacement parts and the highest level of uptime. BCL X-Ray Canada offers the most comprehensive warranty and service program coverage to ensure your equipment investment will perform at the optimal level for years to come.

Hard to get components for older systems:

Call us today if you require service or parts for a system deemed 'end of life' by the manufacturer, but still an important part of your imaging department's workflow. Our large and well stocked warehouse is likely to contain the part required.

In the rare event we do not have the stock; our sophisticated parts procurement system can practically guarantee any part for any system be                                                            delivered to your department within 24 hours.

Multi-Vendor Service:

BCL X-Ray Canada pioneered and perfected the concept of multi-vendor service for the Canadian diagnostic imaging community in 1976. Over our 48 year history BCL X-Ray Canada has provided cost effective service solutions that improve uptime and enhance user satisfaction to Canadian University, Community and Rural Hospitals and independent health facilities.

BCL X-Ray Canada provides expert service on all diagnostic imaging modalities regardless of original manufacturer complexity or age of equipment.

Mammography Specialists:

BCL X-Ray Canada offers outstanding mammographic service, with both innovative solutions and quality control measures for all brands of digital mammographic systems.

Ultrasound with Loaner Transducers:

BCL X-Ray stocks a full range of Transducers for both common and specialized ultrasound equipment. Transducer repair is a specialty.

Nuclear Medicine:

Service and parts support.

Digital R/F Service Experts

For obsolete or end of life products, BCL can source a solution for all manufacturers.

Planmed Clarity Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis

The Planmed Clartiy Full Field Digital Mammographic has full screening and diagnostics – the equipment’s versatile options effortlessly transform it from a fast screening unit to a high-precision diagnostic system.

The Planmed Clarity 3D system provides an ultra-sharp digital breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography image acquisition.

BCL X-Ray is the Canadian Service Specialist for Planmed.


Digital Radiography Samsung Healthcare GC 85A

BCL X-Ray Canada is proud to be a National Partner of SAMSUNG Healthcare.

The GC85A Automated DR room provides the utmost in comfort with Soft Handling fine movements and fully auto positioning movements as Standard. The motorized wall detector and Auto-Tracking wall and table provide full remote control comfort for its users.

Please follow the link below for more information on Samsung Digital Radiography.

Premium Mobile Digital Radiography Samsung GM85

Collapsible column enables safe navigation having an unobstructed clear view. Light pressure on the handle is enough to control the quiet speed of the drive motors easily. Li Ion Long Life Battery power source charges quickly to give you a full days worth of imaging.

Dornier Digital Lithotripsy & Urology

As ESWL and diagnostic and therapeutic urological procedures become increasingly prevalent in modern urology, the need for multifunctional workstations with open patient access, extraordinary imaging, and shockwave positioning flexibility has become increasingly important. Dornier Gemini offers open system architecture for X-Ray, ultrasound, endoscopic procedure, and lithotripsy.

Dornier MedTech - A Leading Urological Medical Device Company
Konica Minolta Wireless DR and Ultrasound

Aero DR Wireless DR panel are the industry’s lightest and most durable imaging plate.

Integrated into today’s modern Digital Suites, or retrofitted to Analogue Radiographic Rooms or Mobiles, you can be assured of outstanding performance and image quality.

Partner your portable DR panels with Portable Point of Care Ultrasound Konica SONIMAGE HS1.


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BCL X-Ray Canada Inc. provides sales and service throughout Canada. For more information, please contact our Mississauga head office.

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